The Reunion is on at Windells! Curtis Woodman, Nick Visconti, Jason Robinson, and Stevie Bell have returned for an energy-filled session at camp, and this year they have added another awesome person to their crew, Brent Oftedal. The boys hit the mountain for the first time yesterday and got their snow legs back. How was the first day on hill for this epic crew? Here’s what the had to say.

“It was epic. Had so much fun. Sun was out, first time I guess in a few sessions, and we ripped it up.” – Brent Oftedal

“My first day yesterday was fun. Sun was out, wasn’t too crowded, park was looking real good, every feature was fun, so I say two thumbs up for my first day. Can’t wait to get my second one on in about an hour. Yes!” – Stevie Bell

“It was a great start to the session, up there, surfing with teh bros. Really good soft snow and some fun stuff to ride on, and good vibes.” – Jason Robinson

“First day on snow was awesome. We all just ripped. Stevie, JRob, Nicky, and Brent, we all just surfed and had a relaxing day and it was super fun.” – Curtis Woodman

“Honestly, my first day on hill was so epic, had to get the feet reattached to the board, it’s been awhile since all of us have snowboarded, so we just went snowboarding for snowboarding’s sake. Some of our best friends and family out here are ripping together at Windells. Weather’s beautiful, summer’s in full force, so now we’re just SPFing, gearing up for day two!” – Nick Visconti

Stay tuned for more updates all session!


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