Each session the park has gotten better and better, and that’s saying a lot, because it was pretty dang epic to begin with. Session 3 started off with two really nice days and our camp photog, Erik Hoffman, was hustling all over the park, getting photos of people having a good time. Check out a few snowboarding shots for a taste of what’s been going down at Timberline during Session 3!

New Nike features are on hill and there’s more to come, too! Nike worked with Head Digger Chase Weaver to build a group of features that can be used individually or in conjunction with themselves and other Windells features and this year, all of the features got a face lift with a new paint job.
Tucker Speer is a master of transitions, big and small.
This polejam to downrail is a popular feature this session.
Austin Leonard, along with the rest of the Diggers, maintains all of the features in the park, and in between raking and salting, snowboards like a madman. #Skills
Derrek Lever is really good at snowboarding. Period.