Caleb Kinnear, 13, was selected by the majority of our staff to kick off summer 2012′s awesome list of stand out campers. From Anchorage, Alaska, Caleb is on his fourth summer at Windells Camp. In the days between sessions snowboarding at the “funnest” place on earth, Caleb spends his time riding and filming with his friends at Alyeska.

When we asked Caleb why he keeps coming to camp, his answer was pretty simple: “It’s the best thing ever!” He comes to camp to get better at snowboarding and, as he put it, to have the time of his life. His most-loved thing about campus is the Concrete Jungle and his favorite coaches are Tucker Speer, one of our coaches this summer, and Cody Booth.

Caleb and his friends are working on a new movie called Young Folk. He wants to give shouts to Tristan, his counselor, and Team Mighty Zeech!