Blog post two: because why not im bored at school.

What the hell is going on? These critters have popped up everywhere today.

On my way driving to school, what did i see scurry across the road? You guessed it, not a badger. They are not indigenous to my area. Hurricane, West Virginia to be exact. But it was a raccon, and it sure as hell looked like a badger as it scampered across the road.

I get to school and what kind of shirt does the kid who wears animal shirts have on?, a wolf shirt. and i am 63% sure that badgers and wolves live in the same area. but now i am only 11% sure because the back of my mind is telling me that badgers live in england and as far as i know, there are no wolves in the UK.

I then think this crazyness is over until i log onto ns during my 3rd block. After clicking on the epic website thread i saw something that caught my eye, (resist the urge to copy/paste that. i had to click it. I knew i was  taking a risk, because in the library where i am, there was a staff meeting going on and i did not want anything obscene or noisy to appear on my comp. i decided to ignore those thoughts and clicked it.  ....... NOOOOOOOOO i realized my mistake when the sound blasted out of my maxed volume. normally an offence like this would land you a couple days of suspension, but luckily i am a very good person and i was let off. I dont know what theyll think of me now. and so ends the day of the badger... for now at least.  ok, now click it. but be warned if others are anywhere near you.