With three episodes featuring the god himself, the "One of Those Days" series is the most known ski videos/series in the world. Even random kids who know that I ski come up to me in school and ask me if I've seen the series. These kids don't even ski!


Starting off with number one, what many people on NS call the best of all of them, Candide rips around the resort hitting massive hips and gaps.He throws his classic Candide 3s. At the end he backflips over a cops car and gets busted. Solid day overall.



With the video that broke the internet (relative to skiing) at 20.2 million views, Candide comes back with another sick video where he tosses some more 3s and dub backs and also jumps into a pitch black tunnel. He then proceeds to gap a chairlift unloading station and steal a gondola from a group of guys. Killer day I would say!



Candide blows up again, with nearly all of the shots leaving many speechless. Nose butter 3 on water!? Cork 7 over cows to grass!? Those are just a few of the ridiculous shots from the legend himself.


Which ones your favorite? Do the poll below and we'll see which one wins?

About Series Sundays: Series Sundays are a bunch of articles running from April to September to keep you stoked for skiing! Articles will be released every other Sunday so you will have two weeks to watch the series until the next article drops! Hope you enjoy!

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