The two brothers kill it every year wether its on the streets, in the park or where they seem to shine; in the backcountry!

Kevin and Mitchell Brower are two brothers from Utah that slay all year long. Mitchell is a well known skier who has won Superunkown and has parts in multiple killer movies each year. Kevin is his older brother who owns Snogression, an indoor training facility for skiers and snowboarders that looks so dope and is on my bucket list for places to go!


Damn that was fire! The two brothers killed it with smooth tree taps as well as some gnarly crashes that would clearly not be fun to go through!


Those nose presses though! Mitchell's nose presses on those concrete features were fresh as well as Kevin's huge 360 to wall ride! These boys got lucky though! The cops drove past and were right down the street twice but didn't call them out

Back to the Backcountry

The two went HUGE in this edit! Massive 360s and some fresh backcountry wall rides were served up in this one!

Death Track

The first minute and thirty seconds makes my entire body ache and groan. That doesn't even look fun! The rest of the video is so sick though! Kevin and Mitchell ride through "pump" tracks and jump lines tossing backflips, cork 3s and safety grabs all over!

Secret Storm

Oh boy was that insane! That nose butter hand drag cork 7 safety had my jaw dropped for at least a minute!

Classic Utah

My god that was tight! The crew of 3 all slayed and those cable cam shots had me hyped to film again! Kevin's POV cork 3 at 4:18 really showed the amplitude that these boys go to!

Personally I would say my favorite is definitely Secret Storm! Let me know which ones your favorite with the poll below!

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