Tonight I wrote the bio for Seneca’s new website. It’s fairly accurate with some intense adjectives. Enjoy.

Seneca James Francis Flanagan Buddy Ryan was born in the depths of the Adirondacks to a pack of majestic moon chasers (wolves). From a young age, Seneca took to drawing, scratching the likenesses of his favorite folk heroes, Kurt Cobain and Mighty Mouse, on loose pieces of bark found in his native surroundings. As he grew older, he quickly developed a stern reputation in the lower 46 as being a wild eyed, heavy smoker and drinker with a quick and harsh tongue. That’s right. Seneca painted his sentences with curse words like Picasso stroked the canvas, often times yelling, “Oh FUDGE!” when his drawings were not up to his insanely high expectations. Yet even at a young age, the, “Irish Wolf,” as he is now known, showed glimpses of the masterful work that would later define his career.

As time continued to pass, Seneca’s skills improved as his nicotine addiction became fiercer. He eventually would give up bark drawing and move into other mediums including constructing elaborate pipe-cleaner statues, once even creating a life-size replica of his beloved Yankee Stadium. He also developed an intense interest in the pottery wheel after seeing the Patrick Swayze film, “Ghost.” But it was another medium that would make the mark, quite literally, on Seneca’s life. Tattooing.

Tattoos have been practiced around the world for over 5,000 years. That’s 3,000 years longer than Jesus. If you’re looking for something to believe in or want the perfect recreation of a breath-taking butterfly on your lower back, Seneca “Irish Wolf” Ryan is your man. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment with the, “Michelangelo of Tattoos” and turn your body into a living, breathing Sistine Chapel today.