Much like pro-hoes, the issue of whether or not it's appropriate or even "cool" to sell out has been around as long as its been possible to make a living from skiing.

To begin, the term selling out has to be defined. According to Andy BRINK! Brinker, selling out is... well he never defines what selling out is which is probably because of all that dank ass cali weed he scored from the seniors at his high school. But during a break from blading and chugging chocolate syrup to curb his munchies, Brink does say that anyone selling out (AKA those chads on Team X-Blades) aren't cool and don't really love the sport but are in it for the money.

This Brink mentality has survived to this day and interestingly enough, it's mostly among those who haven't learned how to walk when Brink made his small-screen debut on the Disney Channel. Why is this? Why do kids of now-times think that being sponsored by energy drinks or any "non-core" ski company isn't cool?

It might simply be because kids who are still in grade school are fucking idiots. They're all stupid, brazen, little chipped pieces of crusted up discharge that only know what they see on TV and how to make book covers with newspaper. They have NO sense of how to survive outside of their mom's uterus. With that said, I hope some of you know-it-all dick-heads are reading this because it gives me the opportunity to drop knowledge on you so hard that it may cause your balls to drop and grow hair (yes, you want this to happen).

The reason pro skiers are even pro is because they are able to only ski and make a living doing it. This would not even be possible without sponsors and no, not "core sponsors". Not to bash core companies, but they cannot afford to support all the great skiers out there. Core companies are only there to get hopefuls a step in the door with minimal expenses. Unless you want all your heroes skiing on Surface and Boone, living on couches and sucking truckers' dicks to catch rides to events, you need big name sponsors. Not only does it make possible for the pros to make a great living but it also brings more money into the sport overall. Without the energy drinks, sodas or major clothing brands, we wouldn't have the X-Games, Dew Tour, JOSS, US Open (pre-08/09) or all those cool Red Bull knockoffs you grade schoolers love to drop dime on. To be frank, the reason skiing became as popular as it did is because the corporations brought it to the next level and is probably why most of you kids are on the slopes today, standing around, making the park look like a lifestyle shoot for the next Saga or Jiberish catalogue.

At the end of the day, selling out isn't because you don't care about the sport, but it's about using those sponsors to enjoy the sport to the fullest and to give the sport a chance to thrive bigger and better than before. You still think Brink was right? Well how about you go watch this year's X-Games and compare how many athletes are making a living out of blading. Oh that's right you can't because blading died. Way to go Brink and Disney because not only did you kill off an entire sport that was on the rise, but you also implanted countless kids in our sport with stupid ideals that could have killed park skiing as we know it now. Actually, I take that back. I'd like to THANK Brink and Disney for killing off roller blading but I'm still pissed that you gave all these kids the wrong mentality that selling out would ruin our sport.