Characteristics: Floaty, Playful, Fun

Manufacturer's Description:

It's snowed 16 inches overnight and you have been working on your butter 3’s in the park, but it is time to slay pow. The only ski to grab is the Sloppy Joe. At 118mm underfoot, the Sloppy Joe can handle it all. With low swing weight and a stable underfoot platform, you can feel comfortable knowing that these skis will be the best landing gear for those airplane turns down your favorite pillow line, or the butter 5 off the 15 footer underneath the lift. With a focus on flying high and riding deep, the Sloppy Joes are the ideal sticks to keep in your quiver.

Sizes: 178, 183, 189 CM

Dimensions: 144 / 118 / 140 MM

Radius: 23 M