Newschoolers Review:

The Sego Big Horn 96 is a super-versatile ski. They feel a bit more focused on all-mountain performance, as opposed prioritising jibbing, with a very solid underfoot section. But the softer nose and tail mean they are still pretty playful and butterable. They turn really nicely on hardpack thanks to good torsional stiffness making them nice and predictable despite significant rocker. The shape both floats and pivots very comfortably in deep snow for ski of this width. The flatish rocker profile with no extra rise in the very tip/tail will kill you if you try and nollie in soft snow or land switch in tight trannies but other than that, they did everything I wanted in the park. They seem impressively durable in construction and the fact that they are pretty light and the swingweight is decently low makes them a viable park option. But as mentioned, all mountain is where they shine, if I were skiing maybe 30% park and then taking on all terrain the rest of the time, I think these, or the wider 106 would be a really good choice. -Twig

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Characteristics: Low Swing Weight, Buttery, Sturdy

Manufacturer's Description:

This directional twin is the little brother of the Big Horn 106. It has the same steep slope capabilities and nimbleness, but is designed for less precipitous climates. Lighter weight and a narrower waist than its big brother, but with the same rock-solid construction. Find your all-mountain instincts and use low swing weight to conquer the steeps and take your spins, flips, and butters to new levels.

Sizes: 169, 176, 181, 187 CM

Dimensions: 122 / 96 / 118 MM

Radius: 19 M