Press Release From: Sego Ski Company

Press Contact: Ben Chase

Contact Phone: 208.643.7578

Date: March 18, 2015

Sego Ski Co. Signs Skier Lynsey Dyer to Athlete Team: Pro Model to Follow Suit for 15/16

Victor, ID (March 20, 2015) ¬¬– Continuing with its rapid rise to prominence in the ski industry, Sego Ski Co. is proud to announce the addition of Powder Female Skier of Year Lynsey Dyer to its Pro Team. Over the last decade Dyer has risen to prominence in the ski world through screen and print performances, founding the nonprofit SheJumps and creating the widely acclaimed Pretty Faces film.

Dyer joins the young and growing Sego team alongside athletes Kelly Mackenzie, Morgan Mcglashon, Hannah Follender, Tyler Martin, and Tait Trautman, and will be an integral part of Sego’s ceaseless campaign to become the preeminent North American ski manufacturer through innovative materials sourcing, proprietary engineering and extensive athlete collaboration.

The partnership will offer Lynsey and Sego the ability to collaborate on a women’s specific Lynsey Dyer Pro Model ski. Prototyped over several iterations, the Lynsey Dyer Pro was designed with advanced and expert female skiers in mind. As one of the most renowned big mountain skiers of our time Lynsey brings her innate athletic ability and a refined sense of what female skiers demand of a ski with regards to on snow performance and aesthetics.

The Lynsey Dyer Pro Model represents Sego’s initial launch of a women’s line of skis, and will be the first in a series of female specific models designed with input from Lynsey and our team of skiers. News of the contract signing was extremely well received by Sego’s first year retail partners, given Lynsey’s position as an elite freeskier.

Speaking to Lynsey revealed her excitement and optimism to be working with a brand that is receptive to her design ideas, is located in her adopted home of the Tetons, and that has the production facilities in place to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to meeting demand. “Sego’s willingness to work closely with me through the design process has enabled us to deliver a product that will strike a cord with accomplished women skiers of all ages. Ultimately, performance on snow is what separates the good from the great, and Sego/UP skis deliver every day.” “Sego’s interest in working with and supporting female athletes resonated with me and make the collaboration a natural fit,” said Dyer.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Lynsey Dyer Pro and the entire Sego Ski Co. lineup in magazine gear tests and select retailers in the United States.

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