As Twig said in his review of 'The Keeshlife Movie', which is arguably movie of the year, "simply it's [Keeshlife] a banger". I've probably watched Keeshlife over 40 times since it came out in December, 5 of which were with Mr. Bishop in marathon fashion. For the first part of 'The Segment Project', I will be breaking down a few of my favorite tricks from each segment of 'The Keeshlife Movie" after which, I will move on to other films.

First up from the Keeshlife flick, we have Lauri Kivari. The Keesh boys made a good decision with having Lauri kick off the film because I had the damnedest time picking out my favorite shots.

50-50 to Ski slide/nugget/Lauri DGAF Slide to 3 out on a very sus observation deck with too many possibilities of impalement.

I see this shit in skateboarding so much, and while it looks simple, it's pretty fuckin' gnarly since you could clip the supports, blow up your knee, then be crying all the way to the hospital.

Another Ski slide/nugget/Lauri DGAF Slide but this time on a VERY intimidating wooden rail.

High speed? Check. Large Gap? Check. Sketchy wooden handrail tranny find? Check.

Why? Because fuck you (& your knees) that's why.

Next time, I'll be dissecting Valentin Hanninen, Joona Kangas, & Markus Fohr's joint segement which has plenty more bangers. Stay tuned...