First of all I want to congratulate Pekka, Frido and the winner Klaus Finne! Everybody skied sick yesterday at the BYB big air.
Me, SigTveit and Elvis Harsheim judged yesterday.I was a judge because i injured my shoulder during the railjam. After getting some X-rays today I found out that my colarbone is broken. It's pretty painfull, today I couldn't get out of bed without help. 2-3 months rehab time, meaning my season is over. Struggeling coming back from my neck injury last year, busted up ankle all year I finally fellt like I was getting a hang of it again and then this happens! Im really tired of beiing injured and I was really looking forward to Joss and all the spring skiing. So this sucks! Im forced to drop out of the team for JOSS so they have to find a another one to replace me.