Today I am presenting to the students of Assebet Valley Tech High School, sharing with them the story of Saga Outerwear and giving them the basic run down of what we do and also sharing some useful photoshop and illustrator lessons. I have never done anything like this before so I am stoked to be trying something new and helping the future of graphic design. These students have the opportunity to take graphics classes all the way through high school as a “shop” that they split between academics on and every other week basis, a hip concept if you ask me. I would have loved an opportunity like this when I was a “terror to the public school era” I had to go to college to get my feet wet in a full on media experience. This is a good example of how the age group in everything is getting younger whether it be extreme sports or graphic design. I am even giving an assignment! Stay tuned for some Saga student work. Party on Wayne.