Words: ckoSaturday was a big day for the US Open.  Not only did they run the entire pipe contest - qualifying, semi-finals, and finals for both men and women, but the evening hours also saw the big air go down at the bottom of Golden Peak in Vail, CO.  As you've most likely already heard, TJ took the main event, beating out Charles Gagnier in the finals with,  wait for it, a switch 1440.  I'll reserve judgement on that whole situation for now until everyone has a chance to see the comp.  Speaking of which...We'll have video up of all Big Air finals as well as Slopestyle finals in the coming week so get ready to see it all unfold.  Until then we'll be adding photos to this article so keep checking back.Big Air Results1  TJ Schiller2  Charles Gagnier3  Andreas Hatveit4  Sammy CarlsonHalfpipe ResultsMen 1  Tanner Hall   2  Loic Collamb-Patton   3  Corey Vanular    4  Dan Marion    5  Tanner  Rainville    6  JF Houle   6  Matt Philipi    8  Arnaud Rougier   8  Simon Dumont   10  Scott Hibbert   11  Sean Collin   12  Mike Riddle   13  Stefan Thomas  14  Greg Tuffelmire    15  Sean Field    16  Matt Hayward   Women1  Sarah Burke 2  Jen Hudak 3  Jess  Cumming4  Marta Ahrenstedt5  Gina Gmeiner6  Stephanie Sirianni 7  Mirjam Jaeger8  Mille Windeldt 9  Natalie Sirianni 10  Pip Simmonds 11  Whitney Wickes 12  Claudia Bouvier13  Julie Johnson  14  Marie Martinod15  Kristi Leskinen16  Jenny Lee