Okay so recently in the B/S/T forum there have been many call outs towards scammers.

I am writing this to make people aware that this cult/forum will be stricter on scammers than the B/S/T forum. It will be stricter as we currently have 4 mods watching to make sure all deals go okay. Although there have not been many threads yet when there are more created and this cult starts to trade sell and buy more me and the cult leaders hope that our CULT will not end up like the B/S/T forum.

If it is believed that you have attempted or scammed a member of this cult or in the B/S/T forum you will be immediately removed from the cult and Red and Green names will be made aware, hopefully resulting in some type of ban, I hope this will not happen though.

If you believe that you are being scammed then please PM either me Pastie, OscarRutt or -emile-

please do not post the scammers personal info in any call out threads.

We hope that we should never have to deal with this sort of thing

Happy Euro B/S/T