Bell’s Canyon, UT is a beautiful place, so that’s why I brought my camera ya turkeys.

In the first 10 minutes on the trail I ran into a rather large snake sun bathing, after that I followed.

Our friend Sean came along too and he also brought his soul capturing device.

The trail was straight to the top and when we got to our first clearing we high fived.

I really like being in the woods.

more trees.

My favorite trees.

The destination of this day hike was to get to the falls, looks like we win.

No tripod… check.

This being the last photo in my black and white section, I spy mountains.
They must have really loved each other, reminds me of the 1950’s.

We really thought we were on top of the world, high fives again.

worlds longest tubing hill.

End of the day.

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