Toy Soldier Productions mainstay, Level 1 Superunknown finalist, Canadian comp scene killer, Powder Video Awards winner.......basically, Sandy kills it year after year and we are really pumped to add him to our team. Sandy will be representing Digit ski poles this season as he continues to grow as a skier. Welcome to the team Sandy, stoked to have you on board!

Born or Age: Winter 91'

Hometown: Barrie, Ontario

Age when you started skiing: 3

Breakthrough Moment: Ending Segment in TSP's "Act Natural"

Claim to Fame: Powder Magazine "Breakthrough Performer"

Favorite Terrain: Spring slush in the park

Dream Conditions: Nipple Deep

The Best Thing About Skiing: Being able to forget about everything else.

What is skiing for you? An escape from the real world. Where I belong

Superstitions: Left ski boot on first.

Favorite Music: Indie Rock. But really anything depending on the mood.

Favorite Ski Flick: X=10 it was the first ski movie I ever got.

Other Sports/Activities: Mountain biking and anything in the water.

Words to Live and Die By: Nothin to it, but to do it.

Highlights of last season? The Videotrip road trip I took with some of my best friends.

Tell us about Superunknown? Private park, private lift, perfect jumps and the best sleeping arrangement of any ski trip. Add that all up with 10 other riders and a film crew. There really wasn't much more we could ask for. It was one hell of a week and I was very fortunate to have been a part of it.

Did you enjoy filming with Brotherhood Films? Yeah, for the most part. Quebec is really sweet and there is tons of street features. The only problem filming with a crew from there is a lot of the time you have no idea what they're saying. But other than that It's always a great time.

How was your summer? It was great!! I finished up my first venture of schooling. Hung out in the water a bunch and soaked up the sun. But I'm glad it's over, I'm ready for the snow to start falling.

Plans for the season? Lots of plans. Still trying to solidify them all. It's going to be a big season though!

What made you choose to ride Digit poles? Rad Dudes and Rad Poles.

Other Sponsors? O'Neill, Coal Headwear, Full tilt, Pow Gloves, Mons Royale.

What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not skiing? Hit up a hot tub with a cold one!