What up everyone!! So it has been a hectic wait, one we certainly didn't expect to be so lengthy!! Heinsight is 20/20, and next time we will certinaly be more certain of dates before releasing information!

Anyway, that being said, production ready samples are in, have been confirmed, and our bulk order will be arriving late next week, or early the following week. Once we receive the order, we will have pictures up of all colourways of each garment. These are just a few teaser pics, taken quickly so we could get something up for people to see!!

Weather down here is pretty average right now, we are battling some nasty fog and rain, but it is supposed to be bringing snow over the weekend. Sun has been shining for the most part this seaosn, and despite the lack of snow, we have still had an awesome park here at Falls Creek, and all mountains have some good riding. We hope to be bringing you some fun edits some time soon, so stay tuned for that. Also some big announcements to follow in terms of what Nine22 is getting involved in this season!

Proper lifestyle and action shots will be up over the next few days, along with a more detailed update!!



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