Sam Turner, commonly known as "a god among men" hails from Vancouver BC and is currently studying at McGill University in Montreal.

He's more of a Brobomb kind of guy and he's Canadian through and through (I think he said sorry when I ran over his skis with my board a few times in a row on accident at loon), but for whatever reason he fits perfectly at Newschoolers. He has a habit of correcting my American way of saying things, and knows a whole lot of shit about Canada, so in my book, he's a pretty cool dude. Many of you may remember him for his escapades with the NS crew at SIA, where he got blackout drunk and ended up in detox without anyone knowing (story here). With this interview, I dug deep into his personal life and took a couple gems from facebook to unveil the mystery behind Sam.

Enjoy pinknames!

A god amongst men indeed.

So Sam, let’s start out with the important stuff.

When you were unveiled to NS, member seanahue said this , “If he came from Brobomb, it's a safe bet that that his ski pants are in fact jeans (likely from american apparel, or his girlfriends closet, or both), perfectly tailored by his grandmother to custom-fit his exceptionally small but well-proportioned package, thus accentuating his decidedly non-mainstream and fashion-forward approach to life.” How accurate is this representation of you?

(Laughs) Uh actually uncomfortably accurate. Except that I don’t have a girlfriend and my idea of fashion forward is doing the top button up on my flannel. Otherwise he pretty much hit it out of the park.

Sam, fashion forward, 24/7 (although the top button isn't buttoned here....)

How was your initiation to the NS crew and what’d it involve?

Well we put out the call for hazing ideas in that thread, and there were some pretty good ones in there, but we never really got around to them unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?). Either way, I think my initiation came in the form of those SIA shenanigans… I got the bill from Denver Health the other day. $325 coming your way, guys.

Sam at SIA (credits to Jason Mousseau for this one)

What’s your favorite memory from working with NS to this date?

I’d have to say the NS gathering down at Loon. That was super fun. I was stoked as hell on all the guys who came out, and we had a blast shredding with the llama head. Also [name redacted] invited some seriously homely girls back to our hotel room and that shit amused the hell out of me.

Can you double?


Yes he can.

Thoughts on women’s skiing?

You went there huh? I will tell you this: I was as stoked, if not more, on the women’s slope finals at Sochi than I was on any other comp this season (men’s or women’s). I wish more girls skied like Maude Raymond or Katrina Sigfried. I think there’s too much pressure on chicks to perform and live up to the comparisons to men’s skiing and that if they just skied for the hell of it we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Is that PC enough?

Which crew always gets you stoked on skiing when you see their edits?

Hot Possie, obviously. There’s actually a much longer list, but I won’t go super deep. Tabarnak Pack, Good Enough, Traveling Circus, Inspired. That pretty much never fails.

3 songs you have on your riding playlist?

Shit, that’s hard. I honestly don’t ski with music that much. Some strong candidates though:

Modest Mouse – Discography

MF Doom – Operation Doomsday

Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Record

Ween – White Pepper, Quebec

On a scale of one to holding a hockey stick in one hand, a beer in the other while eating poutine covered with maple syrup waiting in the five hour line to see the doctor, how Canadian are you?

Somewhere between Lester Pearson and the ’95 Referendum. I’m sorry, I nerd out on that shit. I’m doing my best to keep it under wraps.


Would you ever consider doing a #iwanttodateturner competition?

Fuck you, Aaron.

Just for that Sam, for everyone reading this, start up the hashtag! Entries will be accepted until the Olympics in Korea are over.

Are you more of a dog guy or a cat guy?

My cat back home is named Prince Caspian and I always thought that was pretty cool. Legit though, I couldn’t care less, I like em both.

Um Sam, I hate to break it to you, but that isn't a cat.

Drink of choice?

The beer dep around the corner from our house has 15-packs of Tremblay for $19 after tax, so that’s pretty much the best deal out there right now. Also my roommates and I have been making a lot of smoothies lately. Shit’s hella tasty.

Where do you spend the most time on NS?

Back in the day it was all NSG all the time but I’ve come around. Ski Gabber mostly now. I check in on regionals pretty often and give shitty relationship advice in LM from time to time.

In your opinion, what’s the best piece of work you’ve done (brobomb or ns)?

Man, I always thought that Goepper thing I wrote last year (on BroBomb) was the best. It’s been all downhill from there I guess haha.

That’s all I can think of right now, thanks for taking the time to answer these! Any last words?

Go Habs Go.

*disclaimer, many of these photos may or may not have been photoshopped