Member Review:

If you're looking for a mid-fat directional tool to conquer the whole mountain, look no further. One thing that really stood out to me was how playful these skis were despite not being a full twin tip. This was the first non twin tip ski Ive been on in about 5 years and it really opened my eyes as to how much fun more directional skis can be. The more stable flex combined with the rocker camber profile and longer turn radius had me cruising through the banked gullies that one can find at snowmass and it was a super fun day. I think a similar ski with a turn radius of about 15m would be even more fun because you can make deeper turns and still have the predictability and skiability of a directional ski. As i said earlier, dont be afraid that these arent a full twin, because they are super fun. All in all, these are a great addition to any "newschoolers" quiver as a fun all mountain ripper. -mattypeezus

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Characteristics: Powerful, Sturdy

Manufacturer's Description:

The QST is a soft snow charger that also delivers precise, stable arcs on groomers and hard snow. It's floaty, predictable all terrain rocker profile and 3D woodcore are reinforced with CF/X for power when you need it. The new one-ski quiver.

Sizes: 164, 174, 181, 188 CM

Dimensions: 140 / 106 / 126 MM

Radius: 20 M