Newschoolers' Review:

Looking at the ski it's clear to see that this has been part of the LAB program, as the build is very good. Flexing the ski showed promise too. The overall flex is still certainly mid to firm, but on closer inspection the tip and in particular the tail have some decent flex. And as a result, compared to some 'comp skis', the NFX is much more fun on slower jibs, as the slightly softer flex and crazy pop makes them easy to get onto things. Although the edges are showing some minor signs of wear, there are no cracks and they are holding up really well. Going into this test I expected a ski which performed really well on the bigger jumps and rails, but was perhaps not the most fun at slower speeds. Luckily this is not the NFX. I have found I am spending much more time on them then I expected. Unless it's been dumping, they are my go to ski. -tompietrowski

Characteristics: Poppy, Powerful, Sturdy

Manufacturer's Description:

If fun means winning, then stop making excuses and grab a pair of NFX. The full sidewall construction and Woodcore stand up to big hits, while the elastomer pulse pad helps cushion the biggest landings. Time to step it up

Sizes: 160, 170, 176, 182 CM

Dimensions: 122 / 86 / 115 MM

Radius: 15 - 19 M