Words & photos by Pippin Lee

Video by Robert Ironside

Déjà vu. Two weeks ago Mount St. Louis Moonstone held the legendary PWNED event, and this past weekend they were at it again playing host to the Salomon Jib Academy, the first of three stops in Canada. Although the weather over the past two weeks had included more than enough rain, and no snow, the park staff worked their magic to procure a fine looking jump and rail line. At the hill bright and early were 60 some-odd kids, eager to shred and learn from the pros. Oh yeah, and a trip to Mammoth was up to grabs, just to make things interesting.

Greeting the kids at the bottom of the Outback park were Salomon riders: Jen Crichton, JD Zicat, Iannick B, Alexis Godbout, Dave Bishop, Kaya Turski and more. Boy were those kids stoked to ride with the pros, and they got straight down to business.

Dave Bishop!

Alexis Godbout

Mix some of the best up-and-coming Ontario park skiers with some of the best pros, and a full day of just lapping the park learning and having a blast and that’s the Jib Academy in a nutshell.

Alexis sharing his wisdom

After dividing into groups of 10 or so skiers, accompanied by a coach, groups jibbed, stomped, and banged all morning. Spinning each and every which way on and off of everything. Everything from smooth rodeos to 10’s were thrown on the jump line. Even the pros got in some solid riding.

Kaya Turski

Jen Crichton

Kyle Johnston

Kelly Gallacher

As the sun went away for good at lunchtime these kids had worked up a mean appetite.

After some tomfoolery, which involved a group of scantily-dressed races and several other contests, each group member was ask to pick the person they thought should go on to the finals. 16 skiers would move on to ski in the final round.

However no East Coast event could be complete without some of our fine rain, which began shortly after finals started, making it nearly impossible to clear some of the jumps and forcing the skiers to stick to the rail line for the most part. After a half-hour jam session it was time to call it quits, and just in time too, as Mother Nature was dropping a fine stream of rain from the sky by then.

Although they were outnumbered the girls showed they owned the hill just as hard as the guys, with some very stylish 270’s on and off. Nikki Blackall grabbed top spot, with Olivia Lane coming close behind in 2nd and Kim Moull rounding out the top 3.

Nikki Blackall

Throwing down hard was Kent Christensen who picked up 6th place. Young go-getter Kelly 'Money' Gallacher laid down some buttery smooth switch redeos, banging so hard there was no after, which landed him in 5th.

Kelly Gallacher

Cam Keith who straight killed it all day claimed 4th and coming just ahead in 3rd was Sacha Cavallero. 2nd place was earned by the ever-consistent Matthew Wilcox.

Matthew Wilcox

But it was déjà vu all over again when 8th grade phenom Jamieson Irvine, whose tricks were money all day, swept everyone off their feet with his spectacular acrobatics, throwing down just as, if not harder, than the pros in attendance.

Jamieson Irvine

Jamieson earned a week in Mammoth with the whole Salomon team, and will be competing against other Jib Academy winners. Don’t be surprised if you hear his name again in the future.

Jamieson Irvine

With everyone a little wet and a lot more stoked on skiing, it was time to call it quits for the day. Special thanks to the people Salomon who made this event happen.

Allison Thompson, Kevin Hall and friends

video by Robert Ironside