I was recently looking through our cult's forum.

I have noticed that more sale threads have been appearing! two in one day today.

As our cult gradually grows and more stuff is put up for sale and trade more people become interested in buying from you.

I have noticed a few threads without any pictures. I believe that a thread with pictures is much easier to buy from and you will probably sell your items quicker if you have pictures already in the thread. There's nothing I hate more than having to wait for people to respond to PM's therefore any threads without pictures will be deleted. For those of you asking can I put a link to a picture of something like my item the answer is no, you must have a picture of your items, no links. it will be removed from now on

Also with more sale there becomes an increased risk of scamming. I urge you all to B/S/T carefully.

I have noticed people posting sales in regionals and normal B/S/T. If you are able to sell in Euro B/S/T I would love to see your items in here aswell as regionals and normal B/S/T.

Thank you for reading this.


*SNO*, OscarRutt and the other Euro B/S/T Leaders