What do you do when your in the middle of the woods, and your craving a Grilled cheese sandwich?  Build a fire and roast one up.  The fire was also helpful in fine tuning our survival skills.  I just took the time and e-mailed this photo to the guy from Man Vs. Wild, with a detailed message on how to cook grilled cheese's on a ski pole.. I am still waiting for a response, maybe you will see it on a future episode.  

Gourmet back woods yum yums
Spine of Stardust
Lots and Lots of trees    As sick as Canada was, I am pretty happy to be back in the good old USA.  Even though the isolation in the mountains was something great to experience.  No phone for 10 days, old hotels, small towns, backwoods folk, no traffic, no crowds, no fast food, no crime, good vibes, fresh snow, ahh everything is so peaceful out there.  We even saw a wolf, It was huge, think of the biggest domesticated husky you have ever seen, and feed it steroids.  I am just happy we veiwed it from the car, it looked like arnold schwartzenagger in predator, but covered in hair.   
Snowmobile accident... walked away from this one with a few bumps but otherwise ok
     Hiking hiking and hiking with the crew, Tyler sits at the bottom and looks for camera angles I am on my way to Cooke City, for an atomic trip!  I am grouping up with Brandon Becker, and Jossi Well's to explore the ever-popular Sledding zones and snowmobile out the front door access.  The Atomic trip was supposed to be the entire team, but unfortunately **Bentchetler is busy nimbusing and andreas is busy andreasing.   Regardless, this trip will be awesome, Grant Gunderson is going to be taking photos. 
New Suit! Tim Durtschi Pro model limit edish
Big cliff, if you look at it close, you can make out a thizz face in the rocks
Sunset... standard protocol shot
Lost in the woods  That pretty much sums up Canada, had a great time with John Spriggs, Dane Tudor, and Mike Henituk, big thanks to the filmers Pete Alport and Tyler Hamlet... YEAH DOUBLE ANGLES, 2 cameras are better than one.