Mike Bandit (lobster Suit), and Jonathan Chandler (scuba Saga pants) have been sessioning some rails in Bend Oregon and I thought I would share the fun here, in this nicely edited edit. 

     For you Techie Techs out there here is the Camera Info:

We had two cameras filming and this is just the footage off of my camera. Camera: Canon 7d Lens: Sigma 20mm 1.8 filmed wide opened at ISO 1000 720/60p



Showing his well-roundedness in skiing, here are some shots that Jonathan got out in the Oregon Backcountry, doing his thing, on his home turf, killing it softly, in the fluffy powder snow, I was so stoked to see these images!

Bachelor Goods, Jonathan is using his sled and getting Accustomed to the Backcountry terrain arround Oregon… lets call him my young apprentice 

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