Warren Miller…will showcase the Outerwears of Saga on Tim Durtschi.  You do not have to whine or complain now when your parents buy  and make you go to the 60th film by Warren Miller Entertainment.   You will Want to go to the Warren Miller Movie this year because Finally Saga will grace the Screens and The broadest Demographic of Skiers will Reached….World Domination is Near, Proving that the Street Team is Truly a marketing Spectacle  

I pulled this straight from the Website I am in 2 of the segments, here is the Breakdown of Each:

 Backcountry Dynastic Ski

Athletes:               Anthony Boronowski, Brandon Kelly, Charlie Ager, Dane Tudor, Mike Henituk, Riley Lebow, Tim Durtschi            

Equipment:            Skis

A fresh take backcountry skiing is represented here by a circus of colossal cliff drops and massive kickers.  Blower powder, blue skies and insane air are packed into this elaborate collage of new-school skiing’s finest moments.  Some of the sport’s hottest athletes are showcased here, sharing the secrets of the new-school backcountry lifestyle and proving that out-of-bounds does not mean off limits. 

·        Dynastic Ski

Athletes:          Tanner Hall, Andreas Hatveit, Dane Tudor, Tim Durschi, Matt Walker, Mike Henituck, TJ Schiller, Charles Gagnier, John Spriggs      

Equipment:       Skis

This mosaic of new-school footage is one of the undoubted highlights of this year’s film. The next generation of progressive freestyle skiing is showcased in this montage of astonishing big-mountain jumps and insane park jibs. Striking drops, dizzying spins and seamless rail slides are pieced cleverly together in this collection of last season’s greatest hits, and the outcome raises the bar for an entire generation of daring young skiers. This electrifying collection of high-energy, adrenalin-pumping footage is sure to drive diehard big-mountain riders into the park for their first drop.