This Rap was submitted via email and we had to post it on the blog for the world to see, stoked on the support.


yo yo yo, check one-two:



Saga is da bomb!

Dont get me wrong,

Im on their web site

all day long!

Their outerwear,

you just cant compare.

And if you try to do it,

I’ll kick you in the derriere.

Saga’s gotz everythin’

from jackets, to pants.

All them othah companies,

aint stand no chance.

When I ski, I wear Saga,

so its all good.

All the other skiers stare,

’cause they kn ow they should.

Crash at the crib,

still wearin’ my Saga.

Turn on the tele,

and crack open a loggah.

My girl comes home,

and wants to get dirty.

We get to the bed,

and she rips off my shirt-y.

I say, “Hold on, girl,

thats my Saga you ripped.

Im not the kind of guy

that likes to be whipped.”

So thats to story

of how Saga is sick!

And that no one stands a chance,

when it comes to my chick…


Thanks Cal!


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