What’s up for grabs: Pick your kit! Winner will receive 07/08 Anomie Jacket and Pant. Size and color options(s) of your choice!

Well the winter season is winding down, and along with the school year coming to an end, spring and summer skiing is approaching.

Soo, what better way to procrastinate finals then to spend your time compiling your seasons footage into a creative edit. Put your books down, turn your monitor away from your boss and get creative. If your not feeling artsy that’s fine, just put together some of the sickest shit you can.

Who knows winning this may get you a shot to be on the Saga Am team, maybe help you seal the deal with that gal who seems to be real good at ignoring you, or just get a little exposure in the industry or some online forums.

This international contest is open to males and females of all ages and origins. If we get a diverse group of contestants we may give a second or 3rd place prize to a snowboarder or a seven year old girl. Who knows?

Judging will be based on overall versatility of skiing and some editing skills will only help. We realize that not everyone is fortunate enough to ski a season of powder or get into the backcountry after every storm, but please know we want to see some skiing outside of urban and park too!

In the end this is just something fun we wanted to offer to the growing community that has supported our start and will continue our future.

We are guaranteeing our first place prize and depending on the number of entrants we may have to offer a 2nd and 3rd prize. (This line is limited edition so we will do our best to provide winning edit(s) with their choice of gear)

Have fun with this. The deadline for edits is on May 2nd. Winning edit(s) will be posted a few days later at Sagaouterwear.com. If you have any questions give us a shout at contact@sagaouterwear.com.


Saga Outerwear