To explain how it even it came to this point in having a produced Saga Outerwear rap, I need to start from the beginning. A few days ago, when Andy opened the contact@sagaouterwear email and found there was something different about one of the titles, it wasn’t about stickers, or any of the norm (which is a lot of no subject, title you emails!), this particular gem was labeled SAGA RAP. Obviously with a title like that it gained immediate importance, as it was viewed, then recited in a butchered fashion for the whole office to hear. I took the opportunity and posted the hot fire lyrics to our blog in excitement and proceeded to hype the shit out of it (as usual) on our social media networks. When thinking what a rad customer Cal is (the patron who sent us the rap) we thought this could definitely be taken to the next level and we could get some more readers involved by purposing the challenge of producing a beat to flow with the lyrics(how hood of us). A tall order to say the least, we didn’t even expect to get a response but sure enough we were proved wrong when they started pouring in from literally all around the world (the awww factor was quite amazing at this point). With disbelief in what we were seeing, we began to review and work on our dance battle skills to the beat entries, all of which were greasy. The winning beat was by Sindre, sending his in all the way from Norway! Ya, it did just get world-wide, lyrics coming from New Hampshire and a beat from Europe, party on! For the final hair pin sender, to see how far we could actually take this, we sent the winning beat to Cal in hopes of him laying down his track over the smooth riddim’. And guess what, the stars aligned and not even 2 days later we had the finished product, a full length saga customer rap. Which Cal and Sindre killed  and it is now ready for debut, posted down below! Wow, it almost feels like winning a prize from an over the top, tightly packed claw machine. This was by far one of the cooler things we have seen go down here at Saga headquarters and shows we have the coolest customers that continually remind us why it is worth the hustle for us to be a part of Saga. Enjoy the Rap!