Pro Snowboarders abhorring head protection, grab to back protection to keep them more safe. Safety Awareness Takes Center Stage in Absinthe Films and Slytech’s Partnership

Maui, Hawaii – One glance at Absinthe Films’ new movie Now Here and you know: 1. Absinthe makes the best snowboard movies around and 2. Some protective gear is more loved than others. Shot on Super 16mm film and HD Digital, pro riders are seen in spectacular action hurtling themselves down the steepest Alaskan cliffs, through avalanche-prone powder and with bindingless boards, and through it all, you’re hard-pressed to see even one rider wearing a helmet. A testament to their athletic ability and laser focus on the mountain, riders like those in Now Here simply won’t touch them. Whatever the gripe about head protection amongst some riders (from restriction to decreased spatial awareness) , one thing they almost universally will agree on is back protection. “I always thought it’s a little weird in the movement,” said Wolfgang “Wolle” Nyvelt referring to back protection offerings of years past with their bulky rigid plastic parts and awkward feel. When he first tried a Slytech back protector, it hit him, said Nyvelt: “that’s when I realized that product is different. When I ride I don’t even feel the Slytech 2nd Skin, but I feel safe.” And so – even with all their resistance to bothersome head protection – from Nyvelt to Romain de Marchi – the back protection evolution has begun to snowball and the world’s best riders throwing the most death-defying moves as represented in Absinthe’s core feature Now Here all are warmed up to it and begin to strap it on routinely. You don’t see they have it on, but from Alaskan big mountain to in-bounds slopes at their home mountains, pros use back protection whenever they ride. The 2010-2011 movie release of Now Here brings Absinthe Films back together with Slytech Protection and a slew of other big name brand supporters to bring to mass market the DVD, iTunes download, and movie tour across Europe and North America, connecting fans, movie makers and riders in historic towns and theaters. Slytech Protection in conjunction with Absinthe are passionate about raising awareness of safety on the mountain. That’s why we are giving away one back protector every month all 2010/2011 season long to the person with the most gnarly slam video or photo. These videos and photos are meant to highlight the potential for serious injury and that you can mitigate that risk by wearing protective gear like a back protector. Enter to win at the official signup page