During the 2006/ 2007 season, Blake Kimmel (co-founder of abstractMall and graphic designer for Jiberish Clothing), attended university full-time and created a 19 minute film that was available as a .99 cent download in the fall of 2007. As one of the athletes in the film, looking back reminds me of how much fun I had skiing with my friends and creating something in the process. As you peruse the names of other athletes in the film...Adam Delorme, Mike Clarke, Matt Walker, Henrik Lampert, Alex Martini, Corey Vanular, Tom Wallisch... you may recognize them as some of the most stylish and respected athletes featured in today's ski movies and contests. Back then, we were just shredding around, attending university full time, and having fun filming with our friends.

After the film was released, I was given ample support through the now deceased JIBIJ Pro Shop was soon introduced to SURFACE Skis. Although I had never met the Surface crew personally, they saw potential and gave me an opportunity to represent their brand. Three seasons later, I have never been more stoked to collaborate with a group of individuals striving for the same goals both on and off the snow. Although everyone hails from a different path and approaches skiing and life with their own personalities, having fun is the common denominator that binds our crew and our sport together. Looking ahead to 2010, I sincerely hope you are having as much fun as we are sessioning with your friends and exploring the limitless possibilities of the world through the culture of skiing.

We Live the Life We Work For

 - Josh Bishop