Photos: Rachel Bock/SLVSH

Good news fellow NSers, you got another call right yesterday, bringing you up to 3 correct (out of 11). Tomorrow morning sees the last quarter final between local stylelord, Luka Melloni, and the scarily talented Austrian, Tom Ritsch.

Like the games that have gone before it, it's not an easy one to call. Luka has the not insignificant advantage of skiing this exact park day in day out, but I've skied with Tom and he's unreal. Not many people have his ability to figure out tricks on the fly and get them first time. The industry folk have gone for Luka 3-1 but let us know what you think, they've been wrong before.

Luka, his style is impossible to match, and with the homecourt advantage I like his odds - Jason Arens

Hard to choose between Luka and Tom as they both have different style of tricks and are really technical, but I'm gonna go with Tom on this one. I think it's going to be a really sick game - Kevin Salonius

This should be a good match up, Tom had some awesome tricks and took down Siver in the first round, but Luka has home field advantage, I think Luka will win. - Evan Heath

Luka over Tom, I dont know Tom's skiing too much, so imma have to go with Luka, cause he can get low and knows sunset park real well. He could find a bunch of new lines. - Vincent Gagnier