Photos: Rachel Bock/SLVSH

Well NS, your first round prediction record was 2/8... which is not great. We go into the quarter finals tomorrow and the match ups are all looking difficult to call again. There are a couple of riding style clashes but they all look close ones on paper. The first game, Hanka Vs Moffat is definitely a coin toss for me. Daniel has the weird trick advantage but some of those rail lines that Max was throwing down in round one make him look pretty hard to beat.

Instead of talking about the guys again, I reached out to some pros and industry folk for their predictions on the games. You guys make your calls too and let's see if the 'insiders' (who, just to be clear, have not seen the games) do any better...

"Dan for sure. His tricks are too hard to emulate and he has a distinct style that I don't think it will be easy for others to match" - Jason Arens

"This match up has some potential for being pretty close, two very technical rail skiers, if Moffatt can push some jump tricks he could win for sure, but Hanka might take him down with some crazy rail tricks. If I had to choose one I would say Moffatt is going to win, I think his consistency on rails will put him on top at the end." - Evan Heath

"I'll go with Daniel taking it since he has some tricks not many other people often do and would be hard to get first try if you didn't have them dialed. He also let me stay at his house and drove across the Czech Republic so we could see a cave. But I could easily see it going the other way" - Will Wesson

"I got Hanka" - Andy Parry