It's been an interesting start to the season....very reminiscent of 2006-2007 however we are much further ahead with runs and lifts open than we were that year.To put things in perspective on January 6, 2007 it was 9*c and raining lightly. We had one run open, serviced by the Standard chair. It took 7 more days (Jan 13, 2007) to get another run open, and the second lift to open -the Bowl chair- took until Jan 16, 2007. Winter did arrive that year, and the rest of the season was great....we just had to be patient. For as long as the Oshawa Ski Club, now operating as Brimacombe has been in existence (75 years!!!), we have seen our share of years that Mother Nature has has taken a lazy approach to getting started and illustrates the importance of our continual investments in snowmaking and grooming technology. Stating that, we are still very reliant on the weather...something we have no control of. Like 2006-2007 we have been faced with marginal, if not mild temperatures...very little quality snowmaking time. Snowmaking is a science, not a simple act, and not something I can fully explain here in the at the Brim blog, but it is important to know that quality and quantity are directly related to a few factors...the main being temperature. Yes, we can make snow now at around -3*c thanks to a product called "Snomax" (it is not a chemical like it is often referred to, but a natural ice-nucleating protein) but not nearly as fast or as high quality as we can when the temperatures get down low. Much of our production time this year has been between -3*c and -7*c....and before Snomax we would not of even considered making snow until -5*c (and even then it would be wet). Snomax also speeds up the curing time of snow, allowing for easier grooming and a better final product...even more important in seasons like this. And just to put to rest a myth I always hear.....`Man made` snow is NOT `Fake, or Artificial``s every bit as `Real`as the stuff Mother Nature fact it might even be better! If you haven`t been out yet, you are missing out, everyone is raving about the quality of skiing on what we have to offer...seize the opportunity!    So....the big question, what`s next? (and I must apologize...a "real" blog post is far over due.)Standard and Bambi were obviously our first priority, offering both beginner and slightly more advanced terrain. Our focus then turned to making snow on Ladies Downhill to connect into the Bowl chair for another lift option, and then working outwards to get more beginner and novice terrain open in preparation for the rapidly advancing start of our lesson programs, and more advanced terrain for our seasoned members, guests and the racing club. We have been steadily working away at our Main terrain park, after getting the Beginner park open, but due to the volume of snow needed in that area, priority has been given to other runs...this does not mean that we have not been making snow there every opportunity we have just means that we have not, and cannot dedicate all of our resources to the terrain park. Once we have a good handle on the eastern terrain, we will divide resources and start to concur trails on the western side of the property in preparation for the start of our Pee Wee Ski Camp (the start date has been pushed ahead a week to Jan 21, 2012) and to open even more run variety for those who favor the west.   Everyone has their favourite run, trail or area to ski and our task is to balance the needs of our members, programs and guests against the variables we have to work with. Each area is as important to our business as the next, and each receives the same dedication. The good news I have today, is that I can now announce the opening of Pete's Elbow tomorrow morning (making the Beginner park accessible from above) and we can expect Ben's Bump to open in the very near future. For those who have been riding the chairs you have seen that we have been making snow on Bunny Blvd. and the Bowl...expect these runs to be next in line when the weather decides to co-operate again.Here are a few cool shots taken today of Bruce B. working his magic in our 2011 Prinoth BR 350

Maybe it's just me, but I LOVE the look of brand new man made snow in a pile ready to be pushed!
***A couple of announcements...From this Sat. January 7 until further notice you can also enjoy 50% off our regular daily lift ticket rates. Also on the schedule for this week, Brimacombe Snow School's 7-Week Lesson Programs will start as originally scheduled between Wednesday, January 4 and Sunday, January 8, 2012.Unfortunately, due to the recent fluctuations in weather and the limited terrain available on the western side of the property, the start of Brimacombe's Pee Wee Ski Camp will be postponed one week. As a result, the program will also be extended a week to compensate for the late start.Brimacombe's Pee Wee Ski Camp will now run from January 21 & 22 to February 25 & 26, 2012.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your understanding as we continue to work hard to make snow and open new runs and terrain!***Paradise awaits, don't miss out!Cheers,Mark