Hey Everyone,

The city of Salt Lake is having a three-day Rail Jam competition for a New Years celebration at the Gallivan Center in downtown SLC.  Your friends at the Campus Rail Jam Tour have been asked to plan and build the contest, and we'd be stoked to have you come out and shred.  We've got a brand-new setup built by the boys at KAB rails.

To ride in the comp you need to apply online just like any of our other events.  You will also need to purchase insurance coverage for the event, which is built into the $25 entry fee!  You can apply here:  http://www.galvanicdesign.com/apply

The event will be spread out over a three-day period, and should be a super laid-back and fun chance to shred with your friends.  Check the picture below to get a peek at our new setup.  Our friends at Yobeat also posted a little video of our least event in Denver, take a look:  http://www.yobeat.com/2009/11/21/magic-mondays-video-from-the-backyard-bang-denver/

There will be a cash prize along with product and high-fives.  Come out to make some loot or just slide some metal. 

For more info hit up:  http://www.galvanicdesign.com/apply