This winter has been brutally cold compared to others in the past, going weeks at a time in sub zero temperatures, and wind chill conditions up to -60°F. Not your normal dry cold either, these temperatures have a way of chilling down to the bone. I woke up this morning to a temperature of -15°F, with conditions the same plus a wind chill by the time I made it up to the hill. Riding the lifts as the cold seeps in I began to ponder, where do I draw the line when it comes to skiing in this weather?

Go outside, take a few laps, and bear it out until I feel as if my limbs are about to snap. I’m definitely not the only one either; I sit here in the chalet and look up to empty lift lines and deserted runs above me. It seems as if I get to a point where the gear I own is simply not enough to keep me warm, but that’s not enough to stop me.

This season each day I can get on the hills is precious, as a full time student, school has taken more of a priority than I would like it to. Conditions could be better, but whether it’s snowing or sunny, warm or cold, powder or ice, if the chance presents itself to ski, none of it matters. Perhaps in harsh elements I will ski for a lessened amount of time- however if the chairlifts are running, so am I.

NS- at what temperatures do you call it quits?