Ski Sundown sure does know how to go out with a bang! This past weekend was Sundown's closing weekend and together with Colorado Ski Shop and Suburban Sports they put on one of the most exciting and fun closing weekends. The energy was high all day and the perfect weather all day, clear bright blue skis, 70+ degree weather, and soft snow didn't hurt either. The day kicked off at 8am with registration and slopestyle practice, then at 10:30am the comps began. The slope course was the best you could ask for considering the amount of snow and weather, it had an urban down rail, a 32 foot flat bar, a 25 foot step down, and a 40 foot step down. Even with the "no inverts" rule in effect, it didn't stop the athletes from putting on a show, everything from crazy/wacky straight airs to stylish 3s and 5s, and even a couple 7s, 9s, corks and rodeos were thrown down. By the end of the slopestyle comp the day went to Sundown local Sean Mullins for his super clean Blunt 3 and completely MASSIVE Rodeo 7 taking it DEEP down the landing. After the slope comp and prizes were handed out everyone moved over to the Bumps where everyone was competing for the $1000 cash prize. With the soft snow everyone was looking to put down their best tricks and fastest runs. Even those not competing were having fun all over the mountain, while the snow was disappearing, that didn't stop people from charging down trails trying to avoid the random grassy spot or rock, or throwing down as many new tricks as they could to end the season. All in all it was an awesome day, and I wouldn't want to end the season at Sundown any other way. Now it's time to make the trips to VT for a few more weeks and then put together a summer set-up in the backyard to keep those rail skills sharp. SEE YOU ALL NEXT SEASON!!!