SIA is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get. It might be a revolutionary new product from a leader of the industry. It could be an up and coming young brand looking to shake things up. It could be a well developed and refined class leader, or it could be just plain weird.

I guess if you get enough skiers together in one place you're bound to end up with some wildcards. This article is for the outliers. They could be a really dumb idea or they could just be the next big thing, you decide...

The Lazy Slider

Have you ever leaned your skis against your car in the parking lot, only to have them tip over scrapping the last flakes of paint off your well worn ski-mobile? Of course you have. Most people learn their lesson and set them on the ground or in the rack instead. Some skiers though are just too ingrained in their ways. They can't stop themselves from leaning their skis against the car, no matter how many gruesome scratches mar their beautiful paint.

Never fear, we have a solution. Just wipe the ski road grime off your door and suction cup this nifty rack to your car. Now your skis will stay upright. Disclaimer: this rack is not designed to hold your skis while in motion. Further disclaimer: you might look like an idiot wasting your time if you use this item, don't worry about it, people thought parachute pants were lame too and look where we are now.

The Floaty Bootpack

What do you get when a snowshoe and a rubber raft have a baby? This nifty little contraption. Actually this does seem like a kind of rad way to make snowshoes more packable, just avoid stepping on anything sharp or you might get stranded with a popped rubber raft stuck to your foot. Rumor has it next year's model will enable the wearer to walk on water.

The Mountain Paddle

Are you a kayaker who just can't accept the fact that all your rivers are frozen in the winter? This product is for you. I guess it also finally answers the poles vs no poles debate. Who needs skins, a beacon or an airbag? Now you can paddle up hill and in the case of the avalanche you can simply row yourself to safety.

Expensive Sticks

At SIA there is a large GoPro booth complete with ipads, daily giveways, chanted slogans, lifted trucks and an overall air of professional awesomeness. Surrounding this mecca of action sports video are a plethora of booths looking to capitalize on this success. Unfortunately instead of innovating many of them are literally trying to re-invent the stick. I know I missed some but there were at least four companies marketing poles for your GoPro, most of them with incredibly uncreative names. I guess though that this is just the american free market system in action. Supply and demand baby! It's not like there are broken ski poles, branches, PVC pipes and other stick-like objects readily available to the average skier.

The Baby Bomber

Honestly this is a pretty rad contraption, I'm just not sure anyone actually wants to cross country ski with one child on their back and another in a ski trailer. It could lead to potential hilarity on any downhills though.

The Suspended Disbelief

Does skiing hurt your knees? Have years of flat landings beat your legs into a painful pulp? Are you lacking a little spring in your step? Try out these suspended bindings. Now you can huck cliffs without having ever having to bend your knees. Just don't ever crash and eject out of your bindings. You might not look as cool trying to hike back up for a lost ski wearing these bad boys.

The "I have no words"

Ummmmm? The slogan of this brand was "You've never looked this good from behind." That really just sums it all up.