Photos and videos by David Peacock & Chris McMahon

The first day of the SIA Snow Sports Trade Show went down in Denver, Colorado yesterday, and just like each and every year, Newschoolers was on hand to bring you the most stellar coverage available online of the biggest ski and snowboard trade show in North America. And since we know you're not interested in reading anything about it, let's get right to the photos and videos that show off the 2011/2012 lines from your favorite brands...


Welcome to SIA!

Black Diamond

Gigawatt, Megawatt, Amp and Zealot

Factor 130, Factor 110, Shiva (Bottom)

Gigawatt, Megawatt, Amp, Zealot, Verdict and Warrant



Waterproof Housing

Contour GPS

Bluetooth connection to your Smartphone for video preview and setting.


R79, R88, Asention and R110

Pow, Slasher, Born to Drop and Watch Out

Pow and Slasher

Born to Drop and Watch Out

Lunatic, Dirty Bastard (Julien Lange), Yard (Candide), Casper (Dorey) and Banger

Banger Tip Rocker


Optical Jacket and CMJN Pant


T-Hall ilMORO


Kypton Pro and Kryton Cross




Agent 90, Agent 100, Royale, Thirteen and Vivre Le Mono

3.Zero rocker

Prodigy, Wednesday, Heroine and Kennedy


A-Lotta, I-Rock, V-Rock, L-Toro and E-Motion

I-Rock, B-Nasty, G-Butter and D-Sender

First Drop


A look at First Drop outerwear's new line with David Lesh along with the latest and greatest on the company.


Quantum Jacket and Chemical Pant

BA Puffy

Full Tilt

Seth Morrison Pro Model and Konflict

Seth Morrison Pro Model, Konflict, Hot Dogger by Tom Wallisch, Booter and Drop Kick

First Chair, Booter, High Five and Classic

Josh Malczyk shows off the new line of Full Tilt's, including Wallisch's new Hot Dogger.


Oracle, Pilgrim and Da'Nollie

The always entertaining Ashley Hart takes us through Icelantic's new line of product.


BMX78, BMX88 and BMX98

One piece 2XL insulated

BMX78, BMX88, BMX98, BMX108, BMX118 and BMX128

BMX108, BMX118 and BMX128


Morphic, Antigen and LTE

Mutant and Genome

Gnome and Double Helix

Double Helix and Helix


Mr. Pollard's Opus, Sir Francis Bacon, Bacon Shorty, Blend and Chronic

Bacon Shorty, Blend, Chronic, Mastermind and Stepup

Influence 115, Influence 105, Prophet 98 and Prophet 90

Pandora, Celebrity 100 and Celebrity 90

Top Row: School Pack, Remote Pack, Street Pack. Bottom: School Pack, Slope Pack Back and Front

Influence Hoodie

Line's Pointy Sticks with Grips!

Jason Levinthal, the man behind the monkey mask at Line, gives us a run down on Line's entire product line, from the new Afterbang's to the poles and everything in between.


Jester Pro


Tour 10 and Tour 12


Vice, Team and Night Train

Vice Rocker

Ghost Chant Rocker

Night Train, Ghost Chant, El Dorado and Tahoe

Tahoe, PB&J, Belafonte and Bibby

Bibby, Jaguar Shark, Donner Party, Comi and Hot Mess


Hot Mess, Sierra, Bella and Reagan


The Fly Swatter, 150/125/145 with early rise in the tip and tail.

The Super Turbo, Trust, Sluff, Source, and Jam on the men's side, and the Tattoo and Flair for the ladies.

The Fly Swatter, Scoop and Mosquito


E-Dollo Pro Model

Compte Pro

True Twin, RDS, The Early Rise, Urban Twin and Tha 190


Seth Morrison Signature Series suit...

Seth Morrison Signature Series goggle

Simon Dumont Signature Series suit

Simon Dumont Signature Series goggle

Tanner Hall Signature Series suit

Tanner Hall Signature Series goggle



Airbrake lense release


The new Xavier Bertoni Pro Model jacket has a number of comical features, and is designed with a tall, comfortable fit.

Phil 'B-Dog' Casabon is one of the steeziest skiers around, so his suit must, ahem, follow suit. Simple, but stylish.

Kaya Turski has designed a very feminine and appealing jacket, with a removable tall skirt and bright orange colorways.

The JP Auclair/Retallack collab is full Gore-Tex, taped seams and a regular fit. Fit for a legend.


Orage's Mike Nick takes us through next year's Orage pro models.


Julia Mancuso, Aurelien Ducroz and Tanner Hall Pro Models

TJ Shiller Pro Model

Jon Olsson Pro Model

Receptor Backcountry with new MIPS (Multi Directional Impact Protection System) technology.



Zeal goggles equipped with Recon's GPS and electronic goggle system. The system measures speed, vertical, altitude and distance.

That tiny screen is larger when it's close to your eye, and displays all of the measurements the Recon system takes. It's small and unobtrusive, contrary to what one might think.


The T-Wall signature goggle

Women's skis: the Lola and the Rosa

Men's skis: The Mega-Dozer, Dozer, Punisher and Punisher Jib

The Hustle and the Hustle Plus goggles; you can see Dane Tudor rocking these gems on the hill.

The men's Watson jacket and women's outerwear from Scott.

Adam Greene of Scott Sports takes us through the goggles that everyone from Wallisch to Tudor will be rocking, as well as their impressive line up of skis, outerwear and poles.


Women's jackets from Skihoe

Skihoe's men's puffy


Jay-Z bringing the heat with his Skullcandy RocNation collab

Discrete and Skullcandy have launched a collaborative project. The beanie is fully audio equipped and looks baller.

Audio hoodies

The Uprock is similar to the iCon but is slightly bigger in sound and size.

Hang a bottle of Jack from these earbuds and they will still stay in your ears!

Stay tuned for much, much more from the SIA Trade Show in Denver, Colorado...because we're just getting started!