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Words by Jeff Schmuck

Photos by Josh Anderson (http://www.japhotog.com)

Vegas baby, Vegas. Yeah that's right, it's that time of year again. Time for the annual SIA tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year's show is bittersweet, as next year it will be moving to Denver, so therefore it's the last time SIA will be in Vegas, and therefore it's going to be getting really out of control, really fast.

For those of you who've been hiding under a rock, SIA is the biggest ski & snowboard tradeshow in North America, and it's where anyone and everyone from the ski and snowboard industry, from sales and marketing people to athletes to team managers, gather to shake hands, kiss babies, party like rockstars, and oh yeah...check out all of next year's gear.

So since the NS staff loves looking at new gear, and loves showing it off to you...and loves Vegas, we're here, and we're going to be holding it down all week long and providing you with the best coverage available online in the process. So stay tuned to the site for the next four days, as we'll be featuring pictures and videos of all the new gear, the people who are here, and of course the legendary parties that are about to go down.

So since none of you care what I have to say right now and have probably just scrolled down past this to drool over the pictures of all the new gear, without further ado, here's a bit of went down on day one of SIA...


Mothership & Prophet 130

Prophet 100

Prophey 90 & Prophet Flite

EP Pro

Sir Francis Bacon & Elizabeth & Blend

Chronic Cryptonite & Chronic







Mini Chronic & Mini Celebrity

'Pointy Sticks With Grips'


TJ Schiller Pro Model

Phil Casabon Pro Model

JP Auclair Pro Model

Michelle Parker Pro Model






Double Helix





Freeride Series Bindings

Carbon Fiber/Bamboo Poles

Rip Curl


Full Tilt


Hot Dogger

Seth Morrison Pro Model






Night Train




Bibby Pro


Donner Party & Garbones






Matt Margetts shows off the Hellbent

Hellbent & obSETHed

Miss Behaved & Kung Fujas & Extreme

the infamous Ryan Schmies shows off the newly added rocker in the Kung Fujas...

..and the deboss graphics in the Extreme

Miss Demeanor & Disorderly & EXT & Silencer

Miss Conduct & Bad Seed & Juvy & Missy

Doug and I also had a great meeting with Johnny, Cody and Jeff from Poorboyz to discuss some of the seriously badass things we're working on together, and in the process we got a look at the trailer for their new film, Everyday is a Saturday...

Then after a long day of endless walking (since we're not allowed to rent scooters this year...which really, really sucks), meetings and hanging out, it was party time. Salomon and Armada kicked things off in their booths by each having a party. Salomon had a Japanese-style party complete with sushi and sake to launch Mark Abma's brand new pro model, the Shogun...

Salomon booth

Mark Abma

...and Armada threw a party just for the hell of it.

Armada booth

Johnny Decesare & Glen Plake & JP Auclair

Everyone then vacated the show and made thier way to either Moon at the Palms Hotel for the Freeskier party, or to the Wynn Hotel for Tanner Hall's party. Needless to say, it was a fairly eventful night, and an even rougher morning.

The Palms Hotel...THE place to party in Vegas

Vegas baby, Vegas

Mike & Peter Olenick

Scott's Kevin Kruse...say somethin

Tatsuya Tayagaki, Josh Berman, Mr.Bishop & Digi Dave

Colby Jamaes West, Jake Largess & Henrik Lampert in the limo...not a big deal

Stay tuned to NS throughout the week for daily coverage on SIA, and be sure to check in with us tomorrow, as tonight...Skullcandy has brought in Snoop Dogg to play at Rain at the top of the Palms Hotel, and NS will be there to document all the action. No big deal.