Photos by Chris McMahon

Here's a sneak peek at a portion of Armada's 2013/2014 line, because as always, Armada prefers not to let the whole cat out of the bag too early...

JJ (126-136-115-133-123), TST (119-132-102-123), T-Hall (119-86-109), AR7 (119-86-109), VJJ (126-136-115-133-123), TSTw (118-131-101-122) & Norwalk (135-140-115-131)

JJ, TST, T-Hall & AR7

Close-up of JJ

Close-up of T-Hall

AR7, VJJ, TSTw & Norwalk

Armada Outerwear (Henrik Harlaut's pro model suit on the left)...

Men's Outland Gore-Tex Pro 3L Jacket

Women's Akari Gore-Tex 3L Jacket

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