With the internet dominating consumer relations, genuine shops are becoming scarce. When operated properly, they are a tremendous driving force in the industry and allow quality brands to put products into the hands of people like you. At Surface, we carefully select the shops that sell our products and cannot thank them enough for their unyielding support. The following is the first installment of SHOP CALLOUT, an ongoing series dedicated to the retail warriors that floss our products. John and the crew at Board Of Provo have been a great friend and partner of Surface since the early days! Walk into the shop to a warm welcome and a great staff keeping you updated on a huge selection of product to see why Board Of Provo is quickly becoming a powerhouse in the Utah shred scene! Below, we have some Q&A's with John to see what it takes to maintain a high caliber operation:

Q. How do you differentiate your shop from others in the area?A. We differentiate ourselves by just trying to be cool to all that visit our shop, being nice to people goes a long way. We are a pro shop so we are all passionate about riding & know about the product we have in our store.Q. Do you host any shop events or competitions throughout the year?A. We do a few on snow demos through out the season, 1st one in December & usually one in Feb. Just trying to give people an opportunity to try before you buy.
Q. What are some names of local shredders that will become the top pros of tomorrow?A. I would just say PJ Baymiller & some of the kids on the Sundance ski team that Tyson Henrie has been working with should be blowing minds in the up coming years.Q. What is the most fun aspect of operating a shop?A. Being involved with the latest & greatest product that makes doing what we love even better!
Q. If I walked into your store for the first time, what would the scene be like?A. The crew hard at work keeping the shop dialed & looking great. Having the best product line up in the biz here for you to come touch, feel & check out in person. Trying to figure out the integrity and cosmetic aspects of a product is nearly impossible from a online little picture, come have a conversation with a rider & someone who is here the help you find the best stuff for your needs.
Q. Do you try to create a particular vibe in your store?A. We always try to have a super inviting & welcoming vibe when you enter our shop. We are all people trying to have fun doing what we love. Everyone is welcome here!Q. What brands are you most hyped to work with? A. Surface of course. Just rad to be a part of such a cool local thing.Q. Describe your typical customer?A. We get a wide range of customers, but definitely a lot of college kids with BYU & UVU being here in Utah valley.
Q. What is your favorite shred flick of all time ?A. Blizzard Of Ahhhhhs & Fast Times at Ridgemont High of course.Q. What is the most exciting time of each season?A. Being able to switch it up, not getting burned out on the same thing all year.Thanks boys!

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