SGT Session two is now underway. With new campers in the mix things have gotten off to a great start. The session one kids are now more familiar with the terrain we've been riding for the past week and we've been venturing a little farther away from the resort.
With the weather on our side, this past week has reminded me so much of Tahoe, sunny days and snowy nights. However, waking up and looking outside in the morning we're often under the cloud layer. Once we pop through the clouds on the lift it's like a dream come true.
Ryan Dunfee is stoked to finally be skiing at Cerro Catedral. Last year he was crushing it on crutches, but this year he's back in action!
Fellow ski coach and the ever so creative skier, Garrett Russell is always stoked to be out with the campers and I am always stoked to be out there with him. On cold windy days, Garrett looks around and talks about how beautifully sunny it is.
I was definitely skeptical before boarding the plane for Argentina with regards to the recent eruption of the Puyehue volcano in Southern Chile, but here in Bariloche, other than the snow, we've had beautiful blue bird days. You can see the volcano and it's constant plume in the distance from the top of the mountain and there is a bunch of sand that has previously fallen in Bariloche. However, at this point in time Cerro Catedral is in full operation and things are going well.
On this particular day, we took the campers to a run we call the Playground. Coach Pete Connolly, dropped into this steep chute while the rest of us snuck around the corner for some poppers and mini golf lines.
Paul's getting after it at the top of the Playground, which is right up there with my favorite runs at Cerro Catedral. You might be able to tell how this run got it's name. It's so much fun and there are endless little pillows and miniature spines to play on. Below is a view from the bottom looking up.
I'm getting used to hiking on snow rather than dirt again and it feels so good!