This just came in via our partners at SGT Argentina. Great job guys! – Erme

Via SGT:

We are not a “green” company – travel is one of the most carbon-intensive activities on Earth. That doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it, though. Here, SGT’s Ryan Dunfee and Wulcon Energy’s Martin Wainstein talk about SGT’s first carbon offset project, which used funds raised from clients and coaches of the SGT Argentina trip in 2010 to fund two solar kitchens and a heat-efficient stove for two villages in la Puna and Jujuy, two high-desert regions in Argentina with abundant sun but little to no access to electricity or heating. The mostly indigenous inhabitants must scour the terrain for shrubs to burn for heating and cooking, contributing to climate change while increasing local desertification. SGT’s first project, done in collaboration with the Ecoandina Foundation, will offset 150 tons of CO2 over the next 20 years. Want to learn more? Check out,, and