Cheap to build

No pressure washer required


Makes tiny amounts of snow.

If compressor is shut off for any reason PERMENENT DAMAGE can occur to compressor from water backing down the air line and into the compressor.

Need constant attention to keep air water balance

Galvanized plumbing will rust inside & cause excessive nozzle wear.

Requirements for operation of the SG T-Type Snowmaker

Compressor with a minimum rating of 3CFM @ 90PSI

Parts List

¼” cap - QTY 1

6” x nipple - QTY 1

¼” x Tee - QTY 1

¼” x 90 DEG street elbow - QTY 1

¼” close nipple - QTY 1

¼” mini ball valve - QTY 1

2” x nipple - QTY 1

¼”female x ½”male bushing - QTY 1

½”female to Garden - QTY 1

Quick connect air fitting - QTY 1

Other miscellaneous items you will need

Roll of Teflon tape

7/64” drill bit

How the SG T-Type Snowmaker works This design utilizes internal mixing. The T-Type snowmaker works by mixing low pressure water (household water pressure no pressure washer) and compressed air internally. This design works just like the nucleation nozzle that is on the SAH-SG2 Combo design snowmaker. Because this design works similar to a nucleation nozzle the snow production is very small but it makes a great simple to build entry level snowmaker.

Assembling your SG T-Type Snowmaker

You can purchase the parts in the list above at most hardware or home improvement stores.

Start you project by Drilling a 7/64” hole in the center of the pipe cap (part#1).

Assemble the parts exactly as they are shown in the photo. All connections must have Teflon tape pipe sealer before final assembly.

Operating the SG T-Type Snowmaker

Fist step is to check if the weather conditions are right for snowmaking.

You will need to attach your SAH-SG T-Type Snowmaker to something secure like a ladder or fence post. You can do this with large wire ties or metal hose clamps.

Connect your garden hose to water spigot and to the garden connection on your snowmaker.

Connect the air hose from your compressor to the snowmaker using the quick connect fitting.

Make sure to close the ball valve on the snowmaker and turn on your compressor.

Turn on your water.

You should now have water squirting out of the pipe cap.

Open the ball valve slowly until you have a steady spray of water and air coming out. It is typical for you to get a pulsing flow, adjust the ball valve to get as steady of a stream as possible.

If the weather conditions are right for snowmaking you should now be making snow! (Keep in mind with this design there is very little snow production. It will take several hours to develop a small pile of snow.