A wireless Bluetooth headset and intercom for all your Listening and Communication needs while you're hitting up the slope. The headset uses Bluetooth 3.0, a speaker and button on each ear, and a microphone allowing you to connect your phone, answer calls, listen to your favourite shred playlist, and chat with your friends with the intercom system.

After using the SENA SNOWTALK for multiple days at the resort battery life is clearly not a concern. After putting a full charge into the headsets internal battery the headset performed for multiple days of listening to music and communicating between myself and my friend. However we noticed as the battery life depletes so does the range on the intercom. Claiming to have a range of 700m (760 yards) in open terrain we found the system to have a healthy range of 100m-200m in the glades and cliffy terrain of Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Enough range for filmer and athlete to talk through the line before calling out 3-2-1-DROPPING! They're also compatible for up to 4 headsets to be connected.

For the audio quality, you're not getting BOSE premium audio however you are getting crisp clean audio with advanced noise control in the microphone to cut out all the wind interference.

Now like any new technology you get your hands on their is a learning curve that goes along with it. With what seems like 100 different commands to the headset via the button on each ear it would be impossible to memorize how to connect intercoms, change songs, answer calls, turn down the volume etc. However after a couple days It started to become a little easier. Just a little though, still seem to end of tapping and holding random combinations to change that song on your phone that you don't even know why in on there.

Wearing the headset seems to work best in the included headband under a toque/beanie with or (if you have it) inserted into the earpieces of your helmet. They didn't work very well wearing your goggles under your helmet. Just way too much going on under there.

In conclusion the SENA SNOWTALK gets the job done. I see the best uses for the head being crews who want to save time filming and be more efficient getting the shots, and really anyone who wants to be more safe around the mountain and in the trees by always being able to talk to your group when you may be out of sight. They may not be a replacement for the Radio or Walkie Talkie but they do allow you to get more out of what you currently listen to you music with.



• Talk time: 6 hours

• Stand-by time: 6 days

• Operating temperature: -10°C – 55°C (14°F – 131°F)

• Weight: Module: 60 g (0.13 lbs)


• Headset Profile (HSP)

• Hands-Free Profile (HFP)

• Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)

• Audio Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP)

• Bluetooth 3.0


• Working distance: up to 700 meters (760 yards) in open terrain


• Auxiliary audio-in connection via 3.5mm jack


• Advanced Noise Control™

• Wind noise reduction

• Built-in SBC Codec

• Wide volume control

• Sample rate: 48 kHz (DAC)


• Charging time: 2.5 hours

• Type: Lithium polymer


• Internal microphone

• External microphone port