After all the wonderful messages and support I received from the NS community, I would like to share with you the progress on the mental health campaign I have started after posting my article 'Unbuckling The Suicide Belt' found here -

I have built a website and, with the help of some friends, I have a dope design and a couple hundred stickers printed. Please head over and purchase some so that collectively we can make a donation to mental health charities across North America and Australia/New Zealand.

But the important part is talking about your sticker.

Whether you put it on your skis, helmet, car, laptop - wherever, you need to talk about mental health so we can get rid of the stigma that is attached to it. Remember that S.L.U.S.H. is designed to work like R.I.C.E. It is a simple acronym to help with mental health.

Speak: If you are feeling down make sure to speak up about it or if you notice someone that doesn't seem well, speak to them. Talking about mental health is key to removing the stigma. It's very easy to ask someone about their ACL injury so why not their mental health?

Listen: If someone reaches out to you or you ask someone if they are okay, make sure to listen to what they say. Don't sweep mental health under the rug or brush it off. Listening to each other can help identify problems and behaviours that cause mental health issues.

Understand: Remember that just talking and listening can be a great way to resolve periods of poor mental health but sometimes someone might need professional help. Understand what's going on after talking and listening. You would put a band aid on a paper cut but you wouldn't put someones shoulder back in without going to the doctor. Same idea!

Solution: The next step is finding a solution. Maybe the communication was all that was needed or maybe this person needs more help. Either way find that solution and support them. On the mountain you stay with friends until Ski Patrol arrives so why not help them find the care they need off the mountain too.

Hug: Because cuddles are great! Together you've helped find a way to solve mental health problems and that's certainly a reason for a hug. Not to mention all that science behind hugs and releasing Oxytocin and Dopamine!

Head to

to get your stickers and find out more info.

Don't forget to check out the Instagram page @slushawareness as well and tag any photos of you stickers!

If you would like to host your own fundraiser, head to the contact page on the website. My plan is to get everyone dressed up in green, the colour for mental health, and ski at your local hill to raise awareness.

Please guys, keep each other happy!

Thanks again