So here at Dendrite Studios we are extremely thankful that our favorite beverage in the world: beer, happens to be one of our sponsors. To be more specific about our sponsor it’s Russell Beer.

Why is this a great fit besides the fact that every skier knows an epic day is not complete without the apres brew? Because Russell is BC brewed and is all natural with no preservatives. Maybe its placebo, but once I figured that out the beer really did taste cleaner. When I have other beers they taste a bit chemically now. Maybe I’m biased. Regardless, congrats to Russell for recently taking home two bronze medals at the World Beer Cup in Chicago for their beers: Russell IP’eh! and Russell Wee Angry Scotch Ale. After a look through the list I’m pretty sure they are the only BC brewery to bring home some medals. Strong work boys!

Nic and my alma mater has a wonderful club called UBC ski and board. This club is also reknowned for throwing ridiculous parties. So for us it was a no brainer, let’s influence our exact market share by giving them lots and lots of beer. Welcome to the party.

All photos are courtesy of Hamish Baxter.

I think this was how everyone was seeing things by the end of the night.
Ah the joys of carefree university.

This UBC ski and board club party was a formal. Apparently I made the giant mistake of never attending a formal while in university, because well, I thought they were lame. Why should I attend a university formal you might ask? Because girls outnumbered guys three to one.


My lovely girlfriend helped me pour beer as I tried to figure out this mystical error in my ways. I said to her, “I don’t understand. I never went to a uni party with this good of odds.” “Girls like to dress up Athan.” Damn. What was I thinking back then?

Ya you.

As the Russell beer continued to flow my girlfriend eventually said, “If you’re a single guy here tonight and you don’t get laid…” I’ll leave the rest of statement blank. But you get the idea.

There's one guy in this pic. Enough said.
The guy in this pic is Ian Brown. He's el presidente of the club. Needless to say he had a good time.
Russell Beer makes you defy gravity.
This is Morgan. He's the treasurer. He also got the title of drinking the most beer that night while still keeping it together.
Thanks Russell for providing great moments like these!
Right to left. Dendrite athlete and club member/student Eliel Hindert, Samantha Wong who helped pour beer and keeps the guy to the right, Dendrite head Athan Merrick honest.
The girl on the right had a minumum of 4 beers by that point in the night. My guess is it was many more.
We saw a lot of this going on. Where were all the guys?
4 ladies. zero dudes.
Same caption as the last one, + 2, eh?
Everyone by the end of the night looked like they had been hit by the tornado of fun!
Two ladies in the back by the beer. What more can a guy ask for?
Number 1 Dendrite!
Thank you Russell for the shifty times.

So what’s the moral of this story?

If you are a single male in university make sure you go to formals. If you go to UBC, join the UBC ski and board club, you won’t regret it. Make sure you find the Russell kegs and the UBC ski and board club at the beach this Thursday on campus. If you are in high school and want to ski during college, come to UBC. If you want skiing stoke stay tuned to Dendrite Studios. If you need a fresh brew buy yourself some Russell beer. And always keep the good times rolling and living the dream!

All photos by Hamish Baxter.