THIS IS NOT A TROLL! I repeat, this is not a troll. The unthinkable has been done! Russ Henshaw, the Aussie madman, has completed the first double on to a rail feature in history. While I'm not usually the person that gets hyped on more flips and spins, I freaked out when I saw this on my Instagram feed last night and you will too.

Big ups to Russ on this trick, it takes a pair of cajones the size of basketballs to even think about sending this trick let alone actually do it. This year has been quite the year for new and innovative tricks; Oystein's flip on, flip off of a rail, Tom Wallisch getting beat in SLVSH, and more moments to name that I can't remember. What else will we see this year? A quad? The rail on Chad's Gap that OP promised to hit? Leave your thoughts and reactions below!